About VR4Rob.com

Founded in 2006, VR4Rob.com is the online home to everything that is VR4Rob. Music, cars, and photography are just a few of the things found here for your personal enjoyment. We thoroghly hope you'll enjoy your stay and comment on some of the photography, music, and design on this site. All content, music, and photography are original to VR4Rob unless otherwise noted.


VR4Rob.com became was it is today starting with the acquisition of the Blue VR-4 in March of 2004. Since then, a whirlwind of events has taken place leading people from all over to places they never previously imagined. Passion is something that is shared common among every 3000GT or Stealth owner. To truely know, one must experience it first hand. See the Automotive section of this site to find out more.

RLII Photography

Also Founded in 2006, RLII Photography is the imagery division of VR4Rob.com. Specializing in automotive photography and photo editing, RLII strives for the aboslute best in digital imaging. Started with a gift of a world class Canon Digital Rebel XT from VR4Dani, RLII Photography has grown exponentially since. We strive to be among the best in not only automotive photography but other areas as well. We hope you enjoy experiencing the photographs as much as we do capturing them.

  • Equipment Used:
    • Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT 8MP Digital SLR
    • 18-55mm Canon Lens
    • Circular Polorizing Filter
    • Circular UV Filter
    • Platinum Plus Mini-Tripod
    • Adobe Photoshop CS2



VR4Rob's music tries to combine several different aspects of Modern, Classic, Grunge, and Progressive Rock styles with some unexpected twists to provide a new, cutting edge sound that is still faithful to it's influences. Some major influences of the music here on this site are (but not limited to): Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Stone Temple Pilots, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Pink Floyd.

  • Equipment Used:
    • Fender American Stratocaster
    • Jackson SLSMG Soloist
    • Marshall AVT 20
    • Boss TR-2 Tremolo
    • Digitech Whammy II
    • Vox Wah
    • Line 6 Guitar Port
    • Line 6 Riffworks

Site Design

As stated previously, all banners and content are original unless otherwise noted. The original site design was conceived as something simple and to the point. Through many trials and revamping periods, the site has become what it is today. Simple, refined, and aesthetically pleasing, VR4Rob.com covers a wide area of topics with razor precision. All artwork, banners, and buttons were derived from an original RLII picture seen here: